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Our home and farm are gone due to medical adversities. A.J. Drew remains hospitalized. Our family needs your help.

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Peppers by Mail and its creator A.J.  Drew, have been active in the super hot and exotic pepper community for years.  We always send out extra seeds, donate where needed, and provided some of the freshest super hot and exotic fresh peppers a person could find.  All with the motto: Fairly take and fairly give.  Our general produce sales were priced at: Take what you need and leave what you can.  We have tithed when ever we can.  Now we need your help.

Foreclosure – After several hospital stays and partial amputations of A.J. Drew’s feet, we were unable to grow during the 2019 season.  With only $17,000.00, our farm went into foreclosure.  Citizens Union Bank sold it at auction.

Eviction – While trying to move our belongings, A.J. was hospitalized again.  That time for septic shock and multiple heart attacks.  While still in the hospital, the new owners threw out almost everything our family owned and euthanized several of our critters.

Today – A.J. is again hospitalized.  It has been six weeks this time.  He has opened seed sales and is processing them from his hospital bed.  He will not give up.

With the help of many wonderful people, the family has purchased a camper trailer and has moved it to private property provided by a patron for nothing more than the cost of electricity.  They too are trying to make a come back.  Aimee is working 10 hours a day, four days a week, and looking for a weekend job to supplement the family’s income.

Please Help – We could really use your help.  You can donate any amount from the form below, add donations to orders, or just tell your friends about us.  With your help, we will be back to growing and providing the best mail order Peppers by Mail that a person could expect.

Interested in Tiny Home / Camper / Alternative Living? Are you interested in these subjects?  Please join us at where we are documenting the lifestyle change from farm house to camper trailer and all the things that are hopefully coming for the PBM family.