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The good news: With much help from folk who donated to the GoFundMe page, we purchased a nice used camper. Photos are over at, With continued support from you fine people, I hope to get a ramp and deck built so I can get in and out. Even the land on which it is parked is only possible due to friendship and good people. Thank you so very much.

The bad news: It seems the infection moved to my heart. While trying to move our belongings from the foreclosed farm to the camper, I had heart attack after heart attack. In my absence, the new owners took possession of the property. Friends tell me they rented a dumpster and tossed our possessions into it. When I left the hospital I had little more than the cloths I wore to get there. I went to the hospital with blood soaked shoes due to trying to walk to move things. They were thrown out, so today I literally own no shoes. Not that I can yet wear shoes again.

When it rains, it pours. Doctors have given me a 50% chance of surviving the next 3 years. Although I am currently back at the camper, they are creating a program for rehab and I am likely soon to be in a rehab facility.

Still, I am hoping to container grow for the next season. Theory being I will be able to honor the presales from this season and generate the seed stock needed to restart a bigger effort. Till then, all I can do is apologize and beg.

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