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Thanksgiving Weekend Seed Sale

Our seeds for the 2018 season will be ready for the Thanksgiving weekend.  This includes all the new variety we promised.  If it says out of stock now, it should be freshly dried and ready to ship by November 23rd.  So lets start the new season with a new sale.

Beginning on Thursday, November 23rd and ending on Monday November 27th, we will offer many sales and special packages.  To keep things fun, we will change these up each day.  Special attention and special offerings will be made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  You can glance threw the online seed catalog today, spot what you want and hope it will be on sale but you wont see all we have to offer until at least Thursday.  We will be adding new variety from this year’s isolated grow, making our catalog even better.

As always, thank you.  Without patrons like you we could not raise our kids, crops, and critters out here in Mother Nature’s no where ville.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Seed Sale

  1. Seed sales are an excellent idea, but what do you do with the rest of the pepper?

    I’m not sure what all goes into doing it but what about selling pepper powder? I’m not a grower but I would gladly buy that when fresh peppers are out of season.

    1. We would love to sell dried pods, powders, and our own hot sauces. However, each of those things requires a certified kitchen for food processing. We are not at a point where we could afford to add such a thing to our farm. Fingers crossed, maybe sometime in the future.

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