Returns and Refunds

Packages are Insured – Most of the orders we send are insured by the United States Post Office.  Please use our Contact Form if your package is damaged.  We will refund your purchase if the Post Office accepts the claim or if we were at fault in any way.

Returns:  Due to the nature of our product, we do not generally accept returns unless the product was either damaged or not as described.  Under certain circumstances, we may request a return to facilitate a postal claim.  Typically a digital photograph sent via email is all that is necessary.

Hot Mail Boxes – We want to keep our patrons as happy as possible.  Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for fresh produce left in a hot mail box to cook during a hot or sunny day.  This is especially true of black mailboxes which act as a solar oven.  If you order fresh produce, please be ready to receive it.