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Flashbang Hot Sauce in Review

Flashbang hot sauce gets my first negative review to date.  It starts off something like this: Oh dear God why?  I do not think this should be called a hot sauce at all, it is an extract that pretends to be a hot sauce.  With that in mind, one positive thing I can say about it is that if you are looking for pure heat to add to your own creations this is one of the most affordable ways to purchase capsicum as a food additive.

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357 Reaper Sriracha in review

357 Carolina Reaper Sriracha

Sriracha sauce is a style of hot sauce made from a chili pepper paste.  Essentially, the word indicates a thick hot sauce.  Most of the artisan hot sauces I have reviewed could be considered sriracha sauces.  Although they do not generally start off with a pepper paste, the consistency of quality sauce often approaches that of ketchup.

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Fervor: Reaper Chile Hot Sauce in Review

Fervor: Carolina Reaper hot sauce

Heartbreaking Dawns bring us this new hot sauce made with the Carolina Reaper.  If you know the Carolina Reapers reputation for heat, you’d probably expect this sauce to be a hiccup maker.  After all, the pepper was declared the hottest pepper in the world by Guinness World Records in 2013.  If that is what you are thinking, one taste and you will be pleasantly surprised by Fervor hot sauce.  It is hotter than most commercial sauces, but this artisan sauce is not over the top hot at all.

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Fear this Hot Sauce in review

Fear this Hot Sauce by Hellfire Hot Sauce gets its heat from the Carolina Reaper pepper.  Let me first say this is a hot sauce which really shows that heat.  Aided by the citric acid of lemon and lime, the heat is sudden and lasting.  This is not a sauce for the average consumer who is used to off the shelf hot sauce.  If you are not ready for the heat, this one will burn you up.  It is likely one of the hottest hot sauce I have ever sampled.

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