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Surgery Sale – Save Money – Help a Guy Out

I am on my way to the operating room on Tuesday, September 12.  I am hoping they will only keep me for a few days, but it depends on how much they have to trim.  Little to worry about because I’ve had the same surgery on my left foot.  Chances are I will walk better now that they are going to even out the right.  But what to do with the online store?  What to do with the farm?

Solution: Lets have fun with this.  I have placed a bunch of items on sale and I am leaving the online store open.  The only difference other than the sale is I am absolutely sure I won’t be able to offer the normal next weekday shipping.  Instead, I am absolutely sure shipping will be delayed for at least a few days, maybe longer.  Fun for you because you get to save money.  Fun for me because I get to turn this into a family event.

There is very little doubt I will return with all of the toes on my right foot.  It is likely I will loose a bit of the foot itself.  My guess is it will match my left foot.  So as you can imagine, I wont be walking for a wee bit.  That is where the family comes in.  Surgery like this is only a few days.  Recovery is at least a few weeks.  So what is a farming family to do?

When I get back we will be setting up folding tables close to the main field.  My wife and I will sit and pack.  I will point and the kids will pick.  Your peppers will be picked packed, and shipped all in one day.  As fresh as can be.  The only difference will be lower prices a slight delay, and each box will be a true family effort.

Here is a link to our Fresh Peppers – Everything that is on sale is marked.

If you are on the fence about taking advantage of this sale, maybe your freezer is already full of PBM produce, please consider the smile you will put on this man’s face.  PBM has continued to grow despite my growing physical challenges. I am kind of proud of that.  Imagine how good it will make me feel if I can come home from an amputation and get back to work the same day.  OK maybe the next day.


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