Spicy CSA 2019

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By September 2018, it became obvious that patrons demanded far more than we were growing.  Boxes of fresh peppers sold almost as fast as we listed them.  Some patrons were getting upset.  Some requested we start reselling the next year’s crop.

Most of the shortfall was due to a wildly expanding patron base, but Mother Nature figured into it quit a bit too.  A horribly wet spring delayed pollination and pod production.  This is why we hate the idea of preselling our produce.  What happens if there is horrible weather and low production?  That is where the idea of Community Supported Agriculture comes in.  Essentially the end consumer shares the risk.

HF Greenhouse
HF Greenhouse

Our goal with this CSA is to raise the funds needed to purchase an insulated green house.  With that, we believe we can at least double production.  However, we do not know for sure what will happen, so there is a distinct risk to the consumer.  Additionally, we plan to open a new section of the property, till it under, and get it ready for spring planting.

Our plan is to ship these boxes by October 2019 or earlier.  However, if we should fail to increase production enough to meet the demand during the 2019 season, we will fill them during the following season: That is the risk.  We can not be absolutely sure we will be able to ship these boxes when we hope to.

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