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Shipping Delay

When I launched the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, I had a notice up that shipping would not get started till the sale was over.  Well, the sale is over and I have not started shipping yet.  Thought I should give you guys a heads up on the delay.

I am still in the hospital.  I think I will get out any day now, but dont want anyone to think I forgot about you.  At this point, I think the hold up on my release is that they have to coordinate a bunch of things with home care.  I am going home with a PICC line and IV medications.  They dont seem to trust patients to manage that on their own.

5 thoughts on “Shipping Delay

  1. What happened to you (hospital stay)? I sure hope you get out of there soon!!! Every moment in there is a ‘germ’ crapshoot. I understand you gotta do what you gotta do, but get out as soon as you can, Brother!!! Your family,friends and PLANTS (emphasis on plants is by no means over people, it’s just for the SMILE factor) need your presence at HOME!!! Keep your head up!!! Godspeed. Positive Vibrations…Mike

    1. Have been discharged sort of. I am waiting for a medical equipment company to deliver a wound vacuum. It kind of sucks the hole closed. So with any luck I will be home soon, then six weeks of IV medication. Its all good cause most things I do this time of the year are on my butt. Thank you much for all the well wishes. It will be OK.

      1. Hope you make it out today!!!

        1. Thank you. I have a tube coming out of my foot and out of my chest, but I a home.

  2. Hey Brother, glad that you made it home!!! Get better Soon! Positive Vibrations…

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