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Shipping Delay

The cold spell has not made our roads all that bad, but the household is horribly ill and the car is iced shut. I think we will be back to shipping next day starting Friday. Sorry for the delay. I will be sure to add plenty extra to all seed orders.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Delay

  1. Sorry to hear that I hope you guys get to feeling better soon! I plan on placing an order very soon I want some of you more unique superhot varieties I’m just startingy YouTube channel and want to do a grow log with the seeds I get from you guys. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about Peppers By Mail and can’t wait to find out for myself and spread the word!! Take care ☺️

    1. Thank you for the kudos. We do screw up sometimes. OK, lets say I do screw up sometimes. But I am always willing to make it right. Would love to see you active in the forums. Its under Social on the top menu.

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