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Shipping Calculator and Javascript Error Fixed

Many, many thanks to the patrons that stuck with us and helped ups fix these challenges.  Your screen shots were an incredible help.  I am sorry it took a bit to get things fixed. Maybe someday we will be large enough that this farmer can have an IT person.  So here is what was going on.

Shipping Rate – Free shipping to the US was displaying a $10.00 rate before a patron entered an address.  Once you entered a US address, it dropped to zero.  But some folk saw that erroneous rate and did not proceed to place the order to see it was really free.  The fix is that the system no longer displays shipping until an address is entered.

JavaScript Problems – The problem there was in creating an account.  I hate to say it, but I created this problem when I added the International shipping features.  Long story made short, part of the settings allowed for account creation and part of the settings said do not create an account.  So folk who choose not to create an account were checking out smoothly, others not so much.  I have corrected the problem by disabling accounts in both sections.  I do hope that in the future we will redo the online store from scratch when I have a better understanding, but for now I am focused on peppers.

Huge Thank You

I can not say thank you enough to the patrons who helped us figure this out.  If not for your screen shots and the time you took to help me figure it out, I never would have managed the fix.  I might be good at growing, but figuring out online stores not so much.  Thank you again for letting me raise my family out here in the middle of no where in the arms of Mother Nature.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Calculator and Javascript Error Fixed

  1. I received my dried ghost peppers today. I took a ‘gentle’ wiff and boy did it smell good. Also thank you for the extra peppers. I really appreciate it. Let me know if and when you’ll be shipping fresh peppers.
    Keep up the good work sir.

    Sincerely Raymond

    1. Hello Raymond, depending on Mother Nature we will be shipping fresh peppers in very late June or Early July. But I think there might be some confusion. We do not sell dried ghost peppers. Perhaps you ordered the from someone else. Currently, we only sell fresh and seeds.

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