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Seed Sales Resumed !!!

The Online Store is back online. I am not going to lie or prop Peppers by Mail up artificially. We are struggling. After so much time in the hospital, we lost our farm and home. We are only under shelter due to the kindness of many patrons, friends, and loved ones. Due to multiple amputations, I could not grow during the 2019 season, so we lost about everything. Everything except our seed stock.

When the chaos started, I put the Online Store in vacation mode. Recently, I received a nasty email: Where is my order. Evidently, I had set it to come back online after the end of the year. The store then took orders from January 2nd onward. I apologize profusely to the folk who placed orders and got late ships. I assure you they have been sent and I am now filling orders every day from the hospital. Yes, from the hospital. As of this post I have been here for about 6 weeks.

I seem to be entertaining the nurse. I have a stack of plastic trays with precounted and labeled seed packs in one pile, padded envelopes in another. I wouldn’t dare bring the jar of seeds or count them out here as I do not want to give them fits. But it is funny as they have never seen anyone try to run a mail order business from their hospital room. Its really more of a nursing home, but it is attached to a hospital.

So why am I hear? You might remember my last stay was the removal of the front of my right foot and several heart attacks. That was while i was trying to move after the bank foreclosed. Instead of moving our belongings, I went to the hospital and the new owners threw out almost everything we owned. Fortunately the seeds had already been moved. Well this time, the infection was in my left foot, got into my blood, and I went into septic shock. This time they are taking no chances. No more wound vacuum and IV medication at home. This time it is hospital bed, daily blood screening, and frequent examinations to make sure I am not getting sick again. To be honest, it is not all that bad. I think the nurses seem to like me. I entertain them.

Please note: Due to the general state of affairs, we are shipping Fridays only. I am stuck here and my wife is working ten hours a day, Monday threw Thursday at one job. She is looking for a weekend job. That leaves Friday as the only time she can take orders to the post office.

Please also note, all orders are being hand written. I am still packing in bubble envelopes to protect the orders, but have no printer. Orders will not look as professional as they have in the past.

CSA / Preorders – Without the farm, we can not possibly grow as large as we have in the past. Without the grow room, we can not possibly get things started as early. But I am going to try my hardest to container grow this coming season and honor the CSA / Preorders that I could not in 2019. Please understand, while you might have missed out on a box of peppers, we have lost absolutely everything. But I still want to honor my obligations.

So what is next? It is our sincere hope that we will restart the Peppers by Mail farm elsewhere. I am witting and coding again. In the past, I earned a bit from both endeavors. With luck, I will earn enough to start the Peppers by Mail farm again and get back to raising crops, critters, and kids in the loving arms of Mother Nature. You purchases might help us to survive until that day.

Please let friends know, we can really use the help this year.

Thank you so much for understanding our challenging times,

A.J. Drew

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