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Refunds for CSA Pre-orders

We sold several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares during the off season. Now that surgeons took half of each foot and I have been unable to work, the bank has taken our farm. Even today I still have a gaping wound in my right foot and a wound vacuum attached to it. As a result, my family is essentially homeless. Our best hope is to beg with a GoFundMe page so that we can purchase a camper trailer and find a slot to park it.

Although we were clear that CSA shares were at risk, if you can not find it in your heart to see if I can get orders out next season, I will do my level best to refund CSA shares in the order in which I receive requests. My hand forged knives are in demand. As I am able to stand long enough to produce them, I am offering them for sale at As I sell my hand made knives, I will issue refunds in the order of requests. Please send your request via email to admin at this domain.

Thank you for so allowing my family so many years living in the arms of Mother Nature. I am sorry I failed and our patrons and my family. I really do hope to be growing next season. Maybe rent a small piece of land. But we have lost so much, I just do not know our future.

If you want to help us get into a camper trailer,
please visit our
GoFundMe Page.

If you would like to make a gift via Paypal / Credit Card
Please Click Here

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