Red Savina

577,000 SHU Peak
450,000 SHU
Cultivar: Capsicum chinense Jacq.
Also known as GNS 007/9201

Red Savina®: Guinness Champion until 2007

Red Savina plant

The Red Savina® pepper is a cultivar of the Habanero pepper.  It was considered the world’s hottest pepper by Guinness book of world records until 2007 when the ghost pepper took the title.  It was selectively bred to produce a hotter, heavier, and larger pepper than most Habanero.  It’s original cultivator is Frank Garcia of GNS Spices, but the exact method of creating the original Red Savana peppers is unknown.

As a result of this selective breeding, the Red Savina® is larger, hotter, and has thicker walls than the habanero.  Average habanero peppers rate about 200,000.  The Red Savina® is more than twice that heat.

The Red Savina pepper was protected by the US Plant Variety Protection Act until 2011, when it became legal to cultivate without rules set forth by the original cultivator.  Plant Variety Protection Number: 9200255.  However, the term Red Savina® is a registered trade mark.  We are not associated in any way with the trade mark owner.

Read more about the Red Savina® Pepper at Wikipedia.

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