Jalapeno, Farmers’ seeds (20+)



The Farmers’ Jalapeno is also called the Potato Jalapeno.  It is an amazing pepper with an unusual story.  Amazing because it looks more like a root or maybe potato than a pepper and still carries more of a pepper flavor than most.  The Farmers’ Jalapeno does not pack a lot of heat, but a single pepper brings the flavor of many sweet bells to a dish.  We also love it sliced lengthwise and eaten raw, sometimes with a dip.

Farmer’s Jalapeno Unknown Origin

What we do know is that reportedly the Farmer’s Jalapeno was discovered by John Fiedler from Bangor. ME.  Later it was spread and discussed by Christopher Phillips from Sterling Heights, MI. As I understand it, John Fiedler found it at a farmer’s market, brought it home, and loved it enough to save seeds.  But where it was originally developed remains a mystery.  We assume it has been a mostly unheard of heirloom passed from generation to generation for some time.

It is a Capsicum annuum, so we know either it or its parents are native to North America.  But beyond knowing the origin of the dna and who made it well known, we remain boggled.

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Photo Credit: The main image was provide by patron and friend Debra Wynn Ballew after I commented that everyone takes better pictures than I do.  Although most of the photos on this site remain what I could manage, more and more our friends and patrons are submitting photos for use here.  The business is seeming more and more like a family.  Thank you one and all.



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