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A mixed box ranging from the mildest to the hottest peppers we grew this season.  The selection is up to Mother Nature.  She determines what is ripe each day.  But we will assemble your box with the widest variety in mind.

Box Sizes:

  • Full Box / SFRB – This box is the USPS small flat rate box and it is full.  Mixed boxes typically contain about 25 peppers.  But depending on the size, there could be as many as 30 or as few as 20.
  • Half Box – The half box contains about a dozen or more peppers depending on the size of the variety available.

May Contain – This is what has been coming ripe for 2018

  • Carolina Reaper Red
  • Carolina Reaper, Mustard X
  • Carolina Reaper, Douglah X
  • Carolina Reaper, Chocolate
  • Ghost Pepper, Red
  • Moruga Scorpion, Red
  • Naga Monter, Red
  • Thai, Large Red
  • Thai, Small Red
  • Thai, White
  • Thai, Purple
  • Other varieties as they come ripe.






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Box Size

Half Box, Box / SFRB

14 reviews for Pepper Sampler

  1. Florida Tam

    Wow you ship fast. Pods were perfect, not a single bug bite, nice and crisp. Will be ordering more.

  2. justin (verified owner)

    Fast shipping,perfect peppers, and good price will definitely order again.

  3. Barry Setzer (verified owner)

    Amazing value. Peppers were in flawless condition, and the heat was INTENSE! A great variety as well, I have bought this box twice and have been extremely pleased. I hope you have an indoor garden as well so that I can order all winter long!

  4. Andrew Beaver (verified owner)

    Received my mixed box of superhots this afternoon and I am thrilled! Fast service, peppers arrived in perfect condition with a great variety of the world’s hottest peppers. Dessert tonight was a slice of chocolate bhutlah on cheese and cracker. I can’t say thank you enough….but I did recommend you to several co-workers, one of which has already purchased a box!

  5. joogiebop509 (verified owner)

    Always fast always fresh was so excited to get them in a great variety of great peppers.

  6. Beau (verified owner)

    Peppers arrived super fast and fresh! A wide assortment of amazingly beautiful and tasty superhots. These peppers are crisp and blazing hot; just how we like them. Recommending to all my friends and definitely will continue to order more!

  7. Texas Jake

    Super fast shipping. Great selection of some hard to find fresh peppers. And they threw in some extra seeds with the one’s I ordered! Will be purchasing another box to send to family. Thank you and stay humble.

  8. CosmicPeppers (verified owner)

    Great box of peppers. Super happy to see a Peter Pepper hidden in there along with a bunch of smaller ghost thrown in as filler. Good variety. I haven’t had a chance to try them all yet but the ones I’ve had so far seem true to the phenotype. Only one type of pepper in the box I couldn’t identify. Looking forward to building up some seed stock off of this box. Thanks for the great pods and fast service!

  9. Matthew Gillum (verified owner)

    Just got a fresh box in today and im more than pleased with the variety ! Another Awesome box of Fresh peppers from PBM thanks !!!! If you havent tried this box i highly suggest you do!

  10. Barry (verified owner)

    Outstanding assortment of super fresh super hots. Quality pods here. Can’t wait to see what’s in the next box.

  11. Robert

    Just a quick note on how wonderful this box is — just take a look at this picture


    Fast, fresh shipment. A.J. Is quick and responsive.

    • A.J. Drew

      I honestly love growing just about anything, food in particular. Love growing the rare peppers because after a bit of a challenge, the colors, shapes and flavors are so vivid. Folk like you let me do what I do. No way I could eat all of this.

  12. Stevo (verified owner)

    Couldn’t wait for that box to arrive Fast turnaround time on the order fresh and crazy shapes and colors Talk about heat!! Happy camper.

  13. Matthew Miller (verified owner)

    Is it still mostly reapers and thai chiles or have several other types come ripe and the list just hasn’t been updated yet?

    • A.J. Drew

      Now that is funny. Earlier this year someone wrote to complain there were not enough Carolina Reapers I his mixed boxes. Mixed boxes depend on what Mother Nature provides the day your box is picked, packed and shipped. Today, lots of Chocolates went out. But yes, there will always be small Thai this year. I tend to fill boxes with the full size peppers to the mentioned 25 to 30 full size peppers and then try to fill cracks with smaller peppers as kind of like packing peanuts. This year, the smaller ones are Thai peppers, in particular tiny red, purples and white. Last year the packing peanuts were mostly Aji types. Patrons seem to like the extras and I love an excuse to grow new varieties every year.

      I am sorry I didnt hit your preference this time.

  14. Matthew Miller (verified owner)

    The chocolate and peach reapers are two of my most sought after so I decided to grab the last box of the day. I’m ready to find out if I enjoy thai chiles!

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