Jalapeno, Hot Biker Billy



Not less than twenty (20) Hot Biker Billy Jalapeno seeds.  Fruit typically grows to 2 inches at the shoulders and up to 3 1/4 inches long.  Transitions from green to red with some corking.  This is the hottest jalapeno we have ever tried.

Named after Bill Hufnagle’s, who loves hot food and Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Hot Biker Billy Jalapeno is not your traditional jalapeno.  When green, its heat ranges the normal grocery store jalapeno, but let it fully ripen and for a jalapeno this pepper will set your mouth on fire.

These jalapeno ripen from a dark green, to a corked / cracked green and finish corked / cracked red. They are a great jalapeno for a family that has difference preferences in heat.  As they transition threw these stages they begin very mild, become hotter, and finish as one of the hottest jalapeno peppers we have tasted so far.



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