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The perfect gift for the heat loving gardener.  Only the hottest in this collection.  One package of each of the following six super hot seed packs.  Two credited by Guinness World Records.  Two credited by University of New Mexico.  One credited by independent testing.  One new comer that has set fire to more than one Youtube channel.  Grow them side by side in the same growing conditions and decide for your self.

Carolina Reaper Original Red (20+ seeds)
Determined to produce the hottest on average heat by Guinness World Records.  The Carolina Reaper continues to hold the Guinness crown.

7 Pot Primo Original Red (20+ seeds)
South West Biolabs has tested 7 Pot Primo and Carolina Reapers grown on our farm.  The test results show the peppers as having a comperable SHU rating.  Other tests have shown 7 Pot Primo to beat the Carolina Reaper.  There is even much speculation that the two peppers are one in the same.  No matter what a person thinks, the tests prove that growing conditions can matter as much as DNA.

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Strain (20+ seeds)
The Previous Guinness Record holder.  The Butch T Scorpion is hot enough to melt your face.  Has a much less floral scent than the Carolina Reaper and the distinct scorpion taste that the Carolina Reaper lacks.

Moruga Scorpion Original Red (20+ seeds)
Determined to be the hottest pepper in the world by the New Mexico State University.

7 Pot Douglah Brown (20+ seeds)
Determined to be the second hottest pepper in the world by the New Mexico State University.

Chocolate Bhutlah (20+ seeds)
Rumored to be the next hottest pepper in the world.  No official tests have been released, but this one has absolutely floored Youtube reviewers.  Many think it is the most brutal pepper they have ever consumed raw and whole.




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