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Carolina Reaper peppers for sale in a variety of colors.  If you are looking for the original red, please see the Fresh Pepper section of our online store.  This listing is for fresh Carolina Reaper peppers is for all the colors of the rainbow.  OK, not that many colors but so many that I think it is safe to say you will be impressed by this year’s variety.  Not only are we offering the Carolina Reaper peppers for sale that we offered last year, we have added a couple by other folk and are introducing our own Peach Carolina reaper as well as a new brown / chocolate Carolina Reaper.

Colorful Carolina Reaper Peppers for Sale

These boxes are a colorful assortment of Carolina Reaper Peppers for sale.  Each  will contain the widest color variety possible on the day your box is picked, packed and shipped.  We do our level best to include the widest variety possible in each sampler, but sometimes Mother Nature is stingy with some of the colors.  Your box will still be filled, but on occasion they will be more reds than yellows, more peaches than chocolates, or any other combination Mother Nature wants to provide that day.  Your box could contain any of the following Carolina Reaper pepper colors or crosses.

Your Box May Contain

  • Red Carolina Reaper – This is an award winning strain refined from the first release of Carolina Reaper seeds.
  • Chocolate Carolina Reaper PBM – Developed by PBM by refining what we believe is a naturally occurring variant.
  • Peach Carolina Reaper PBM – Similar to the Peach California Reaper in that I crossed a Carolina Reaper with Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion to create it, but I obtained different results.  The Peach California Reaper is a longer pepper.  Peach Carolina Reaper PBM is closer to the size and shape of the original Red Carolina Reaper.
  • Peach Carolina Reaper AKA California Reaper – Developed by Dr. Steve Bender with an elongated pod shape.
  • Carolina Reaper x 7 Pot Douglah – If this one continues to grow true, we might release the seed stock next year as Brown Carolina Reaper.
  • Mustard Carolina Reaper
  • Peach Carolina Reaper AKA California Reaper – Developed by Dr. Steve Bender
  • Carolina Reaper x Pink Tiger – Developed by Manuel Dimitrio
  • Yellow Carolina Reaper – This is an Italian strain.
  • Chocolate Primo Reaper (CPR) – Developed by Butch Taylor
  • Butch T Scorpion x Carolina Reaper (BTR) – Developed by Butch Taylor
  • Caramel Carolina Reaper

Where do the Variants Come From?

Peppers by Mail now offers Carolina Reapers for sale in a variety of colors.  But where exactly do those colors come from?  In some cases, they are believed to be a natural variant, maybe from recessive genes.  This is most likely the case with our Chocolate Carolina Reaper PBM.  They grew from our first batch of seeds.  Either they are a natural variant, or the grower was not very good at isolating his plants.  The CPS or Chocolate Primo Reaper is another example of what is likely a naturally occurring variant, but again who really knows what happen before Mr. Taylor purchased his seed stock.

Other variants are created by intentionally cross pollinating the Carolina Rea[er with other peppers.  This is the case with our Carolina Reaper X Douglah which might soon be released as the Brown Carolina Reaper.  The same  of peppers like the one created by Manuel Dimitrio and Dr. Steve Bender.

Traditional Red Carolina Reaper Peppers for Sale

Of course we also offer boxes of the traditional and original red Carolina Reaper Peppers for sale.  Just check with the fresh pepper section of our online store.  Ah but where did the original Carolina Reaper come from?  Well, year after it was released there is still controversy about that question.  In fact, the original creator of the Carolina Reaper pepper seems to have given several different origins, several different peppers are reportedly its parents.

Carolina Reapers
Carolina Reaper peppers for sale

Original Red Carolina Reaper – The one that everyone knows by now.  It was the one that took the Guinness title for hottest pepper in the world back in 2003.  It has been shown to reach as high as 2,200,000 SHU with an average of 1,569,300 SHU.  Ours have been tested by South West Biolabs and have been shown to be right about on target for the original strain.  In fact, our strain has won awards.

Before moving on to the other colors, patrons should know there is a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding the original red Carolina Reaper Pepper.  The bulk of that controversy surrounds its reported creator’s claims about its origin.  I have lost track of the many different claims made, but have listed several for your education.

Hottest Pepper in the World: Indeed

Reaper vs. Primo dnaIf you are not failure with the controversy, you can read more here or let me sum up.  Many people feel the reported creator of the Carolina Reaper, Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company® , merely renamed the pepper and called it his own. The pepper that Ed Currie reportedly used was the 7 Pot Primo, named after its creator Troy ‘Primo’ Primeaux.

Our original seed stock for the Carolina Reaper came first year it was released via an official distributor.  One which did not have the no commercial use rule that Puckerbutt Pepper Company®included.  So we discarded our 7 Pot Primo seed stock to make the test absolutely fair.  We replaced it with seed stock from Mr. Primeaux.  If anyone is going to have the best dna for the 7 pot Primo Pepper it would be the inventor of the thing.

When South West Biolabs tested our Carolina Reapers and our 7 Pot Primos, the results were almost identical.  They look alike, they taste alike,  and their heat in SHU is just about the same.  In fact, I have seen similar reports in which the 7 Pot Primo rated higher than the Carolina Reaper.

What is in a Name?

So what is in a name?  I the Carolina Reaper really a renamed 7 Pot Primo pepper?  I do not know.  What I do know is our original red Carolina Reapers are as hot as Guinness World Records claim.  I do know that we are offering fresh Carolina Reaper peppers that were grown from a refined seed stock originating with that first release of seeds.  Is it a renamed 7 Pot Primo pepper?  You decide.

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  1. Daniel

    When is ordering going to be possible? Its July. I been waiting since last year

    • A.J. Drew

      I am sorry, we are still hoping our first boxes start in July but it has been a very wet season. Too much water and plants want to stay in vegetative mode, building larger and larger resources for later. It slows pod developement

  2. Ernesto Muñoz lujano

    Hi i wanted to no if u guys shipped to the country of mexico

    • A.J. Drew

      We ship seed stock internationally. I am sorry to say fresh produce / peppers is another story. Between the various import laws and the cost of shipping fast enough to remain fresh, we can not ship fresh produce or peppers internationally.

  3. Don Monarch

    Purchased the sampler pack. Good amount of peppers. A lot of different reapers along with several other varieties of peppers. They go from hot, hotter & crazy hot. Fast shipping, fresh ready to eat. Very pleased.

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