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A collection of absolutely fresh Big Black Mama, Big Caramel Mama, and Big Mustard Mama for sale.  All grown from seed stock  obtained from pepper developer Troy Primeaux.  You might have heard of these three new peppers, maybe you have grown them, but until fairly recently the seed stock had not been officially released.  Now you can taste the real McCoy.

Big Black Mama, Big Caramel Mama, & Big Mustard Mama in one Box

Of these variations, Big Black Mama, Big Caramel Mama, and Big Mustard Mama were stable enough to be released.  However, none have reached the standard 8 generations of refinement.  So chances are, an odd color will pop up this season.  Frankly, we are hoping to be so fortunate.

Big Black Mama (BBM) Peppers – This is the first of the Big Mama peppers that I remember hearing about.  As I recall, I obtained seed stock from a trade.  Since Mr. Primeaux has officially released the seed, I have replaced that original stock with seed obtained from Mr. Primeaux himself.  It has been described as pure evil disguised as a pepper and it deserves that reputation.  My experience has been that the dark brown, almost black pods are the hottest of the three now available.  For the first few seconds of chewing a whole pod, you get a sweet almost fruity flavor.  I think I tasted a hint of oranges.  That flavor is then washed away by the pepper’s intense heat.

Big Caramel Mama (BCM) Peppers – Less of  fruity first few seconds and less heat than the Big Black Mama, but not by much.  This pepper will still melt your face.  When used in cooking, I have removed the placenta an flushed the inside with cold water.  Removing so much of the heat let me detect a bit of smoky flavor.  Used in hot pepper jams it is one of my favorites.

Big Mustard Mama (BMM) Peppers – My favorite of the Big Mama peppers.  The Big Mustard Mama pepper has a hint of the green chili flavor even when you let it ripen from green into yellow.  It seems to have less heat than the other two released colors.  It also takes a bit longer for the heat to wreck your mouth.  It is not a sleeper or a creeper, but it doesn’t hit you as fast as the black or caramel colors do.

Who is Troy Primeaux?

Reaper vs. Primo dnaTroy ‘Primo’ Primeaux is likely best known for creating the 7 Pot Primo pepper.  Today, many people believe the Carolina Reaper is actually  a renamed 7 Pot Primo.  True or not, the 7 Pot Primo has been shown time and time again to be just as hot and sometimes hotter than the Carolina Reaper.  So no matter how a person looks at it, Mr. Primeaux is the creator of the world’s hottest pepper despite what Guinness World Records claims.  The Big Mam peppers are his latest released creations.

Where Can I Purchase Seeds?

If you have been growing the newer pepper crosses for any length of time, you have probably noticed several variety are available before the creator releases seeds.  These pre-release seeds are often intentionally distributed to generate interest and obtain feed back.  Unfortunately, they inevitably wind up in seed catalogs before the creator has narrowed the dna as much as s/he would like.  Sometimes they are unstable, producing varied results.  Other times, they wind up being stable but much different than the final release.

So when I learned Mr. Primeaux had released the seeds for each of the Big Mama peppers, I tossed my previous seed stock into a seed train / swap and purchased seed stock directly from Mr. Primeaux.  Because we grow seed stock in relative isolation, you can be assured that you are receiving quality seed as the creator of this line intended them to be.

Prino Peppers
Primo Peppers

However, click on Primo Pepper’s logo at left and you can do even better.  You can do what we do when ever possible.  You can purchase your seed stock directly from the creator.  From conversations I have learned Mr. Primeaux, he is  very warm down to eath man.  I imagine his wife Kara is about the same.

This past year, he let me know he was leaving his position at University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Horticulture Department to pursue Primo’s Peppers LLC full time.  In addition to seed stock for his creations, you will find his store to also offer the hot pepper jelly and jam that he and his wife Kara create.  I wish them both the best this world has to offer and encourage you to visit their online store.

A Challenge to the Pepper Business

In a business often described as ‘cutthroat’, people like Troy and Kara Primeaux stand out.  Warm friendly folk willing to give or accept a hand up here and there.  As time permits, I am going threw our seed and fresh pepper catalog, trying to make sure credit is given where credit is due.  Linking back to creator’s websites and online stores.  I challenge others do to the same.

I would also like our patrons to help us with this effort.  If there is history that we have not shared about a particular pepper, a web site that should be linked, please let me know.

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