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Absolutely fresh chocolate bhutlah.  The chocolate bhutlah became famous nearly over night when a Youtube pod reviewer announced it was hotter than the Carolina Reaper.  Is it hotter than the Carolina Reaper?  I think it depends on what you consider the challenge is.  The Chocolate Reaper is much larger than the Carolina Reaper.  The pod consumed by that youtube reviewer was an exceptionally large example of a fresh chocolate bhutlah.  So maybe the SHU is close to the Carolina Reaper but the sheer size of the pepper provides more pain per pod rather than per weight.

Fresh Chocolate Bhutlah

Our fresh chocolate bhutlah is by far the hottest and largest strain we have identified thus far.  If you have been following our grows over the past few years, you’ll know we have been experimenting with multiple strains.  One from the United Kingdom, one from Italy, one from the United States as well as our own efforts.  Rather than continue to grow so many different strains, we have chosen the largest and hottest we have thus far grown.

Fresh Chocolate Bhutlah Pod Size

Please note that although the heat in each of these is tremendous, the pod sizes will very for a bit while we work on the dna each year.  Currently, we are pulling off two isolated grows a year.  One indoors under lights and one outside using isolation methods.  But we will try to get a couple of the monsters into each box as they are available.

Chocolate Bhutlah Credit

Giving proper credit where credit is due is difficult when it comes to the Chocolate Bhutlah.  Like the Red Bhutlah and the Brown Bhutlah, the name comes from the combination of Bhut (the ghost pepper) and Douglah (a 7 Pot variety).  But that is where the story gets a bit complicated.  Here is what I can tell.

The first Bhutlah variety was reportedly a red grown by Chad Soleski.  It was a cross between the Bhut Jolokia and the 7 Pot Douglah.  A friend of Mr. Soleski by the name of Steven Mclaurin nick named the cross “bhutlah” by combining the names of the two peppers.  Cad Soleski and Steven Mclaurin each continued to grow this new strain separately.  Each eventually produced a chocolate colored Bhutlah.

According to Steven Mclaurin ( aka StandAndFire ), a third cross: The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T was involved in creating the newer Chocolate Bhutlah.  But Chad Soleski and many others grew the Red Bhutlah and found Brown Bhutlahs growing right along side their read.  So a person does have to wonder where the brown came from.  After all, the Butch T is a red pepper.  Perhaps the addition of the Butch T dna had little to do with the color change.  Perhapse Mr Mclaurin’s cross pollination did not take and the original mother plant simply self pollinated as peppers most often do.

Making matters even more complicated, while this was happening in the United States there was another Chocolate Bhutlah being grown in both the UK and Italy.

Without a detailed dna analysis, I doubt we will ever know how the Red Bhutlah became the Chocolate and Brown Bhutlah and how the differing strains of Chocolate Bhutlah compare.


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