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Peppers by Mail offers Red Fatalii Pepper seeds in packs of twenty or more seeds (20+). The Fatalii pepper is a cultivar of Capsicum chinense developed in Southern Africa. Like all capsicum varieties, it was developed from seed stock originating in in the Americas. It is believed to have been developed from a habanero variety. The Fatalii pepper carries about the same heat as a habanero, but provides more of a citrus favor under all that heat. The original Fatalii pepper was yellow. It remains unclear if if the red Fatalii pepper is a variant or a cross.  Some references state it is a cross between the traditional yellow Fatalii pepper and a Red Sav habanero.

Capsicum Chinense
125,000–325,000 SHU

Cultivation of Red Fatalii Pepper Seeds

Red Fatalii seeds germinate fairly well at room temperature, but a heating mat can improve germination rates. Given a full season, they can reach three feet in height. We have had the best productivity with a spacing of about two feet. Plants prefer well drained soil.

A very prolific plant. Red fatalii produce pendulum pods which mature from a pale green to a bright red. If left a bit too long on the plant, they will darken to a much darker red. Pods range in size from two and a half to three and a half inches.

Origin of Red Fatalii Pepper Seeds

Map of Africa

All capsicum varieties can be traced back to the Americas. The original yellow Fatalii pepper was first identified in Central to Southern Africa.  Speculation exists to how the red Fatalii came to be.  Some references state it is a natural variant.  Others indicate it was crossed with a red pepper at a much later date.

While direct trade between the Africa and the Americas has existed for some 400 years, the yellow  was most likely a cultivar developed by European colonists who transported seed from the spice trade with the Americas to Africa as part of an emerging industry.

At some point, trade in the yellow fatalii pepper must have been interrupted. This is one of the peppers that would later be ‘discovered’ by our culture’s new found obsession with hot peppers.  Later the red variety became available, but specifics are unknown.

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