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According to many sources, the Dragon’s Breath pepper has been tested at 2.480,000 SHU.  Many claim it is the hottest pepper in the world.  However, that claim has been made several times without affirmation.  In fact, it seems often to be a marketing ploy.

Dragon's Breath peppers for sale
Smart Phone SHU?

A quick trip to Wikipedia and you will see that despite despite no official confirmation, the claim is made that Pepper X is even hotter than the Dragon’s Breath.  Pepper X has not been shown to exist.  At this time, neither the seeds nor the pepper itself have been offered for sale.  Nobody can independently confirm its heat.  In fact, claims by its reported creator that it would be proven the new hottest pepper in the world by November 2017 have proven false.  So what is a person to think?  Should we believe the SHU ratings on the cell phone that have been circulate in the media?  I think you should do what we did.  Grow, sample, and decide for yourself.

Authentic Dragon’s Breath Seeds by PBM

In 2017, when the Dragon’s Breath pepper was a media star, seed sellers popped up left and right.  Many unknown sellers without reputation hawked seeds on Ebay.  This despite the fact that it was the first year authentic Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds were available from ChilliBob in the UK.  I suspect many of the sellers were pushing some other pepper seed and merely claiming it was Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds.  The same thing happened with the Carolina Reaper when it was first hitting the media.  We waited until someone a bit closer to the source had the seeds to offer.  We now offer the offspring of those original seeds purchased from Chillibob in the United Kingdom.

Dragon's Breath Pepper seeds for sale
Dragon’s Breath Seeds

A bit of praise for Chillibob.  We found him selling Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds in an Ebay Store.  Unlike many Ebay purchases, the product was shipped quickly and was well packaged.  Seed count was above what was claimed and most seeds proved themselves to be viable.  A rounded figure would be 90% germination when heat was used.

The plant is a joy to grow.  With heat, it germinated fairly rapidly for a super hot.  When deer trimmed the tops, the plants fought back by bushing out.  This is a fairly late season pepper, but ripens a lot earlier than a lot of the super hot peppers.

Is Dragon’s Breath the Hottest in the World?

Dragon's Breath Pepper
Dragon’s Breath Pepper

Now that I have grown and sampled it for myself, I do not think the Dragon’s Breath pepper is the hottest in the world.  When you slice into it, there is not that overwhelming scent of capsaicin that comes with other super hots.  At first this seemed odd because the pepper has a fairly large placenta.  That white / yellow center is the placenta where most of the capsaicin resides.  In fact, the difference between a hot and super hot pepper seems to be that the super hots have placenta not only in the center around the seeds, but on the walls as well.

As I removed the seeds, the mystery was solved.  Although the Dragon’s Breath pepper seems to have a large placenta, most of it is seeds.  Despite popular belief, the seeds produce no capsaicin.  They seem hot only because the capsaicin from the placenta surrounds and soaks them.  So while it looks like there is plenty of placenta, most of it surrounds and contains the seeds.

Melt your Face Hot

Dragon's Breath Pepper
Dragon’s Breath Pepper

Don’t get me wrong.  The Dragon’s Breath pepper will melt your face.  I just don’t feel it is as hot as the current champion or some of the contenders.  Eating it whole and fresh was not pleasant at all.  I think it took half an hour and a half gallon of milk before my face returned to its normal color.

In cooking and appearance, the Dragon’s Breath pepper  reminds me of the Moruga Scorpion but without that almost sweet citrus bite that Moruga Scorpion often provides.  It seems to be a bit more stable in size than the Moruga Scorpion, but the looks are so close that I would not be able to tell the difference if they were all jumbled up in a basket together.  Not until I cut into them and saw the difference in placenta and scent.

Grow it Yourself, Taste it Yourself

If you are a chili head, chances are you have read many of the claims in the media.  One of those claims is that the Dragon’s Breath pepper can kill you if you eat it.  If the SHU tests pictured in the media on someones cell phone are accurate, I think it was a one off test.  Any pepper can grow extra hot when tortured or treated a specific way.  Some of the media sources stipulate that testing a new plant food was involved in the development of the Dragon’s Breath pepper  Maybe those tests showed SHU ratings only when the plant was fed that special food.  It certainly does not seem that hot when grown here with organic compost.  That means if you really want to know if this is the next hottest pepper in the world, your best bet is as we always say: Grow it yourself and decide for your self.

Dragon’s Breath Pepper: Media Hype

My family and I at PBM ae not interested in capitalizing on media hype, but you can’t ignore it.  So here are some of the claims, but remember I have grown it, eaten it, cooked with it, and I am still alive.  Now I will admit that right after eating it whole I thought i might like not to be alive, but 30 minutes and a half gallon of milk later and my face returned to the proper color.  Just like most super hots.  I didnt die, I just thought maybe I would like to.






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    Very hard to to find seed. Received them in well cushioned bubbly wrap container. Shipped Kentucky to Idaho only a few days after ordering.

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