CPR – Chocolate Primo / Reaper seeds (20+)



CPR stands for Chocolate Primo Reaper.  CPR seeds were first introduced in 2015 by Mr. Butch Taylor.  Should the CPR be called a Chocolate Carolina Reaper or a Chocolate Primo?  Butch Taylor, who discovered it in his garden says:

“I honestly don’t know, there’s even rumblings that they are the same pepper..” – Butch T

His honesty and integrity is very much appreciated.  Mr. Taylor is better known as the person who initially isolated what is now known as the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T strain.  Today, his name is widely known among chili heads.  As I understand it, the origin of the CPR Chocolate / Primo pepper took place one year with Mr. Taylor was growing both Carolina Reaper and 7 Pot Primo peppers.  The CPR just kind of showed up in a patch that was not well labeled.  It could be a natural variant of either pepper or it could be an unintended cross pollination.  Even with the best efforts to prevent cross pollination, insects can be tricky.

CPR Chocolate Primo / Reaper

So where is the tail?  That is a popular question of all Carolina Reaper variants.  On the same plant, Carolina Reapers will produce pods with and without tails.  The CPR Chocolate Primo / Reaper we have grown produce about 40% pods with what people view as the classic Carolina Reaper tail.  In truth, that is about the same percentage of tails found in many strains of the Carolina Reaper.

CPR seeds produce some of the most blistered and flat scary looking chocolate pods available.  Considering them a warning of the blistering heat the CPR pepper will deliver.  If your tongue can still sense a thing, under all that heat is a hint of sweet floral flavor.

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