Carolina Reaper, Red Seeds

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Carolina ReaperThis is an award winning strain of the original red Carolina Reaper pepper.  All strains are not the same.  When the Carolina Reaper was originally made available as seed stock, many claimed it was an unstable new pepper.  Reports of the seed stock producing ghost and habanero looking pods were common.  Today the reports continue, but now it seems more likely they are due to bad isolation practices and the resulting cross pollination.

Nobody can produce perfect seeds.  Insects and cross pollinators just seem smarter than the best human efforts to keep them out.  But we do take great steps to isolate desired dna threw constant culling and growing in the best isolation we can think of.  The results are starting to show as our Carolina Reapers and other pepper variety are starting to bring home ribbons.  We sell the same seed we use for our own award winning pepper farm.

Twenty (20+) or more organic Carolina Reaper seeds from our homestead gardens.  Shop around and you will learn when it comes to seeds our motto is “Twice as many for half as much”.

  • Capsicum chinense
  • Twenty or more seeds per pack (20+)

3 reviews for Carolina Reaper, Red Seeds

  1. joogiebop509 (verified owner)

    Wow fast shipping great packaging and even got a bonus pack of ghost pepper seeds am very impressed and cannot wait till they sprout. So excited will be doing buisness again and soon.

  2. T J Howe (verified owner)

    Received my order and bonus seeds very promptly. Packed very well in bubble wrap container. Shipped Kentucky to Idaho and received two days after ordering.

  3. T J Howe (verified owner)

    Purchased more of your reapers at the Halloween sale. What a deal from the most trusted source of pepper seed. ” Best quality and the best price.” Definitely a Win Win deal.

    • A.J. Drew

      Thank you. The dollar a pack was a bit insane, but it was fun and what says Halloween more than the Reaper?

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