Carolina Reaper, Peach seeds



This strain of the peach Carolina Reaper is a hybrid between the original red Carolina Reaper and Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion pepper.  It is often called the ‘California Reaper’ after he state in which it was originally crossed by horticulturist Steve Bender.  Many who have tested this strain say it is one of, if not the, hottest peach or light colored pepper they have ever tried.  Although not tested officially, it seems certainly hotter than Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion.  Is it hotter than the original Red Carolina Reaper?  To be honest, at these SHU levels my tongue is too broken to tell.

Although this pepper appears to be stable, seed viability continues to be on the low side.  Fortunately, that is sort of a natural culling process so the low viability is correcting itself a bit year after year.  We’ve managed about 70% this year.


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