Bishop’s Crown seeds



Each package contains not less than twenty (20+) Bishop’s Crown Pepper seeds.  This is an absolutely beautiful pepper.  It is a cultivar of the Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum.  Its initial origin is likely South America. However, Europeans first discovered Bishop’s Crown seeds in Barbados.  Since that time, this pepper has been grown across the globe.

Bishop’s Crown Pepper Seeds

Bishop's Crown seeds
Bishop’s Crown

Bishop’s Crown pepper seeds will produce a plant which could reach three feet in height.  Each plant produces 50 or more pods depending on the length of the growing season.  In absolutely optimum growing conditions the Bishop’s Crown may produce pods as early as 90 days after seedlings emerge.  However, we have observed an average closer to 120 days.

Also known as: Aji Flor, Campane, Christmas Bell, Balloon Pepper,Friar’s Hat, Joker’s Hat,  Orchid, Pimenta Cambuci, Ubatuba Cambuci, and several other names.


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