Big Caramel Mama (BCM) seeds


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The Big Caramel Mama pepper was developed by Troy ‘Primo’ Primeaux.  Better known for his creation of the 7 Pot Primo pepper, Mr. Primeaux is responsible for developing several super hot strains.  The Big Caramel Mama was created by crossing the Naga Morich and The 7 Pot Trinidad Douglah.  Although it is a fairly new hybrid, we have observed it to be a fairly stable pepper.

Our original seed stock was provided by Troy Primeaux.  He created the Big Caramel Mama (BCM) while employed at the University of Louisiana’s Lafayette Ecology Center. in 2011.

Big Caramel Mama Pepper

The Big Caramel Mama is one of the larger super hot peppers.  Pods will often be longer than the width of your hand.  The pods transition from green to light brown and finishes caramel.  It is a prolific peppers whose size and number often require the staking up of the plant.

  • Capsicum chinense
  • Not less than twenty ( 20+ ) seeds per pack


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