Bhutlah, A Sampler


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Peppers by Mail now offers fresh Red, Brown, and Chocolate Bhutlah peppers for sale in a single box.  Taste the difference between the different colors and strains of this cross between the Bhut Jolokia and 7 Pot Douglah.  Each box will contain a combination of these colors but the exact blend is up to Mother Nature.  You will receive what Mother Nature makes available the day your box is picked, packed, and shipped.

Chocolate, Brown, and Red

Abbreviated History of the Red, Brown, and Chocolate Bhutlah

I very much enjoy learning and sharing the history of the many different pepper varieties.  Unfortunately, things are not always black and white.  Often matters can not be stated as fact.  The word Bhutlah is such an obvious combination of the words bhut and douglah that I am sure various growers chose it independent of each other. So here is a very abbreviate version of what I have gleamed about the various strains of the Bhutlah.

Red Bhutlah Peppers – This is the cross that started it all. The first Bhutlah variety grown in the US was reportedly a red grown by Chad Soleski. It was a cross between the Bhut Jolokia and the 7 Pot Douglah. Hence the name Bhut Jolokia combined with Douglah for Bhutlah.

Brown Bhutlah Peppers – Steven Mclaurin, a friend of Mr. Soleski, seems to be the first US grower to report the brown color variant in the bhutlah pepper.  In the UK, developers had originally called a similar cross the chocolate bhutlah.  Later, Mr. Soleski would release a brown bhutlah calling it the chocolate bhutlah.  To note the difference, some growers started referencing the UK version as the brown bhutlah.

Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers – According to Mr. Mclaurin, he created the Chocolate Bhutlah by crossing Mr. Soleski’s  Bhutlah with the Butch T Scorpion.  However, Mr. Soleski and many others have also offered peppers by the same name.  It has become very confusing.

A Note on Authenticity

When ever possible, we purchase our seed stock from the creator or at least as close as possible.  When it comes to the Chocolate Bhutlah, there is some dispute as to its creator.  Which is the true McCoy when so many people used the same name?  Who knows at this point?

I think the name is such common sense ( bhut + douglah = bhutlah) that much of the conflict may have risen with no ill intent.  Likewise for the words chocolate and brown.  Instead of taking sides, we have decided to use the term Chocolate Bhutlah to reference the hottest of the three strains.  Between the chocolate and the brown, the chocolate favors the Douglah side of its lineage, the brown favors the Bhut Jolokia side of its lineage, and the red… well it is red.


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