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Not less than twenty (20+) Bahamian Goat Pepper seeds.  Although there are many habanero type peppers by the name ‘goat pepper’, these seeds produce the unique pod often called piment bouc.  The pod has a unique appearance, similiar to a true Scotch Bonnet and sometimes growing a scorpion like tail.

Testing places the Bahamian Goat pepper between 100,000 and 500,000 on the SHU scale.  It is one of the hottest peppers from the region of its namesake.

Skiddo T Goat
Skiddo T Goat

Certified yummy by our goats.  Bahamian Goat pepper seeds produce robust plants with an orange yellow fruit which sometimes approaches a peach color.  In the ground, plants can reach four feet in height and three feet in width with ideal conditions.  Grown with adequate but not ideal conditions, it still typically reaches three feet in height.  The fruit has a distinct habanero flavor, often with more heat and a slight fruity flavor.  This is a very productive variety, often loading itself with so much fruit the plant is best staked up if not harvested often.

Although related to the common habanero, there is a sweetness to the walls of this pepper that makes it a favorite in fruity hot sauces and salsas.  It is a wonderful pepper for BBQ sauces and rubs.  While fairly common in the Bahamas, the Bohamian goat pepper is often very hard to find elsewhere.  Those who fall in love with its distinct flavor usually must grow their own to enjoy it.

Mamam Brigitte Veve
Mamam Brigitte Veve

In Haiti and other places where Vodou / Voodoo is practiced, the Bahamian Goat pepper is not only a local cuisine favorite, it has found its way into Voodoo rituals.  Sacred to Maman Brigitte, 21 Bahamian goat peppers are soaked in raw rum before being consumed.  Ritual consumption is believed to be proof of possession because a normal human would not be able to tolerate the heat.


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Bahamian Goat Peppers from our Gardens

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