Aji Pineapple Seeds ( 20+ )



Not less than twenty ( 20+ ) Aji Pineapple seeds. This is a relatively rare pepper originally discovered in Peru.  Aji Pineapple seeds produce very prolific bushy plants which reach about a meter in height.  Just a couple plants typically provide more pepper pods than the average chili fan can eat.  They dry fairly easily and make fantastic powders.

Aji Pineapple Seeds – Flavor

The Aji Pineapple is a moderately hot pepper clocking in at about 20,000 SHU.  The fruit grows to between two and three inches and finishes a bright vibrant yellow.  Crisp when first picked, you can hear a distinct snap when you break it in half.  Excellent served fresh.  As its name implies, in addition to heat the Aji Pineapple offers a fruity almost pineapple aroma and flavor.

Additional information


Capsicum baccatum


Between 2 and 4 inches


About 20,000


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