Aji Finlandia seeds



Our Aji Finlandia seed stock is the same we use on the farm to bring home ribbons.  This seed stock produced pepper that brought home a second place ribbon at the 2017 Kentucky State Fair.  Pods transition from green threw yellow to an orange red.  Generally, they are harvested either greenish yellow or yellow because once they start to turn orange they transition into rot very quickly.

Aji Finlandia Origin

Its name notes its origin.  Although aji peppers traditionally originate in and around Peru, the Aji Finlandia variety is a hybrid.  Originally created by the folk at Fatalii in Finland, the phenotype now seems stable.  We have seen variants but they are few and far between.

Aji Finlandia seeds are fairly uncommon outside of Finland.  They produce plants with fairly high yields even in less than ideal soil. The pods provide a medium hot fruity flavor.

  • Capsicum baccatum
  • Easy to grow
  • Twenty or more seeds (20+)



Additional information



Scientific Name

Capsicum baccatum aji Finlandia


Low to mild

Maturing Colors

Green, Yellow, Orange, Red


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