Aji, a Sampler

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Won’t melt your face the way super hots will.  Mild to medium fruity heat.  Most Aji are fairly rare in the United States.  The original seed stock being imported from Peru and surrounding areas.  Generally ranges between 20,000 and 30,000 on the shu scale.  Not enough to set your face on fire.  More of a pleasant heat you might eat fresh in a salad.


Exact selection will depend on what mother nature makes available the day your box is picked, packed and shipped.  However, we try to provide the widest possible variety each day.

This year your box may include any combination of the following Aji peppers:

Aji golden, Aji Jobito, Aji Colored. Aji Pepon, Aji OitoAji Rainforest, Aji Crystal, Aji Citro, Aji Peruvian Red, Aji Amarillo,Aji Melocotion,Aji Mango,Aji Margoriteno,Aji Verde,Aji Santa Cruz, Aji Omnicolor, Aji Colorado, Aji Finiandia, and Aji Pineapple

1 review for Aji, a Sampler

  1. Debra

    I absolutely LOVE these peppers. They have a nice heat but you can eat them without pain. The fruity flavor is wonderful with cheese or chili or egg or just plain.

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