7 Pot Primo, Red


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The 7 Pot Primo pepper is a remarkably hot pepper developed by a remarkable man.  So hot, it often tests higher than the Carolina Reaper which won the Guinness World Record title for hottest pepper in the world.  In peppers grown here at the PBM farm, we have had individual peppers test remarkably close in SHU.  Included in this article is a report from South West Biolabs where the 7 Pot Primo tested higher than the Carolina Reaper.

The 7 Pot Primo was named after its original cultivator Troy ‘Primo’ Primeaux. The initial 7 Pot Primo seeds were created by crossing the Naga Morich with one of the first available 7 pot strains.,Since then, he has been growing and perfecting this and other amazing peppers in his away from work at the New Mexico university.  Despite his utter fame in the pepper community, he manages to take time to speak to small producers like my self.  The last we spoke, he mentioned he was leaving his employment and devoting all of his efforts to peppers.  We wish him great luck.

Prino Peppers
Primo Peppers

Primo Products by Primo – If you would like to purchase products by Mr. Primeaux and his wife please click on the image at the left.  You will find an assortment of Hot Sauce, Pepper Jelly and of course 7 Pod Primo seeds by Primo himself.


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