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Not less than twenty (20+) Red 7 Pot Primo seeds. The 7 Pot Primo, sometimes called the 7 Pod Primo pepper has consistently tested at about 1,500,000 SHU. Although the Carolina Reaper is generally thought to be the hottest pepper in the world, since the introduction of the Carolina Reaper there has been much speculation that it is a renamed 7 Pot Primo pepper.  Could the 7 Pot Primo be the real hottest pepper in the world?

We have grown both for some time, saving seeds and improving our DNA.  During the 2015 season our 7 Pot Primo Peppers were tested against Carolina Reaper peppers grown in approximately the same conditions.  The result of a very small sampling was that Carolina Reapers and 7 Pot Primo peppers ranked with very similiar SHU levels.  Both were close to 1.5 million on the SHU scale.

The 7 Pot Primo was named after its original cultivator Troy ‘Primo’ Primeaux.  The initial 7 Pot Primo seeds were created by crossing the Naga Morich with one of the first available 7 pot strains., Because the DNA of the original 7 Pot was so wide, it is unlikely the cross can be repeated with the same result. For this reason, all true 7 Pot Primo peppers are decendants of that original cross.

Mr. Preimeaux is more widely known as a member of the Southern Rock band Santeria.  But music is just one of his loves.  After growing from of the first Naga Morich seeds to enter the United, he set about selective seed saving and culling to create a more homologous line. Shortly there after, he received some of the first 7 Pot Pepper seeds to be available in the United States.

Mr. Preimeaux is an accomplished horticulturist.  After initially crossing these two peppers, he know he would have to grow them generation after generation before they would become stable.  The result of those many years, generations of selective seed saving and culling is the 7 Pot Primo.  Although some variance will always show itself in pod shapes, as of 2012, the pepper was considered very reasonably stable..

7 Pot Primo Taste

The 7 Pot Primo pepper has an absolutely searing heat.  Under all that heat is the distinct 7 Pot pepper taste, a floral and almost fruity flavor.  However, that 7 pot flavor is enhanced by its Naga Morich roots which give a hint of a ghost pepper flavor.

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This seed was developed by Troy ‘Primo’ Primeaux.  If you prefer to purchase your seed stock from the developer himself, just click the image to the left. There you can also find a line of hot sauce and hot pepper jelly made by Mr. Primeaux and his wife.


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