7 Pot Douglah, A Sampler


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This is an assortment of 7 Pot Douglah peppers.  Currently the collection contains both the original brown and the newer Red   We are trying to track down the elusive yellow for the 2018 season.

Original Brown Douglah – When the University of New Mexico conducted its side by side SHU tests of the world’s hottest peppers it determined that the first place went to the Moruga Scorpion.  Second place went to the 7 Pot Brown.  Jim Duffy, who provided the seed stock for that test, later confirmed that the 7 Pot Brown was the 7 Pot Douglah.

Red 7 Pot Douglah – A newer variant of the 7 pot Douglah.The origin is debated.  Many believe this to be a natural variety of the original brown.  It is one of the rarest of the 7 pot peppers and remains almost unknown to many pepper heads.



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