7 Pot Bubblegum White PBM seeds (20+)

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Not less than twenty (20+) White 7 Pot Bubblegum seeds.  The main photo was sent to us by a patron who got excellent results from this as yet unstable strain.  Each year, ours get better and better as we improve the DNA threw selective culling an selecting.  But the seed should be considered unstable.  It is just too cool not to offer.

We discovered the White 7 Pot Bubblegum pepper in our garden during the summer of 2015.  It is fairly small for a 7 Pot pepper.  Like the more traditional Red 7 Pot Bubblegum, the color of the pepper bleeds up into the cap and stem.  Unlike the better known red bubblegum, this variety has a smooth skin.  In this very unusual case, that color is white.

These seeds should not be considered stable.  Between the 2015 and 2016 season we grew an additional generation mostly indoors.  By selectively culling the results and growing in isolation, the color and stability has been improving, but it takes at least 8 generations to be considered truly stable.  We are at the third generation.

If they grow well for you, feel free to share, trade, and sell their offspring and seeds.

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4 reviews for 7 Pot Bubblegum White PBM seeds (20+)

  1. Highspire James (verified owner)

    So far, 2/3rds of the seeds I planted have sprouted – it’s only been 3 weeks. To put it into perspective, it is on par with all the other seeds I’ve sprouted so far. Expecting great things from this pepper. Thanks for the seeds!

  2. James – Fire Farm (verified owner)

    I grew 3 plants out… 1 died early (my fault), 1 produced yellow pods with no calyx, 1 produced white pods… pearly white – beautiful pods. Saved seeds… everybody wants them.

    • A.J. Drew

      Each year I get them more and more stable, but yes some are still throwing goofy pods. I have been growing about 20 a year, picking the best, repeating the next year. Stabuility will be great, but I think it is years off.

  3. Jason Ur (verified owner)

    Beautiful plants and great service but all the seeds i grew out this season were a bright neon yellow. I didnt think much of it till i saw this new pic.. mine were not even close to white. Its new so i get it, but not what i was hoping for. would still purchase again.

    • A.J. Drew

      They are not at all stable but are getting closer and closer every year. Write to Support (at) this domain and with your address and I will gift you some from the 2017 crop.

  4. Jason Ur (verified owner)

    Even with no guarantees on the original seeds as getting the white pheno AJ replaced my seeds!!! This is why I wouldnt hesitate to order form them at anytime. Its not a big business and you dont deal with corporate rules and policies. Just a great guy with a great family that stands by his products. You cant go wrong with PeppersByMail!!!

    • A.J. Drew

      Offering strains before they are stable is a touchy subject. Thank you for being one of the folk who understand the years it takes to get it right and how having other folk grow it helps the process along.

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