7 Pot Chaguanas seeds


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7 Pot Chaguanas seeds originally came from the village of Chaguanas in Trinidad.  Like the other 7 pot pepper variety, the 7 pot reference is to their tremendous heat.  It is said that a single pepper from these variety can spice up at least 7 pots of stew.  The 7 Pot Chaquanas is no exception.  In fact, it is one of our favorite 7 pot peppers.  There seems to be much more fruity flavor under all that heat than with many other 7 pot pepper varieties.  Heat wise, it is a bit hotter than ghost pepper. The 7 Pot Chaguanas pepper seems to be slightly hotter than other red 7 pot varieties.

The placenta, the area around the seeds, in the 7 Pot Chaguanas pepper is a thick pink color.  It is rich in thick capsaicin resin.  A thinner capsaicin oil often glistens on the interior walls of this pepper, but puddled do not tend to form like some of the higher SHU super hot peppers.

The 7 Pt Chaguanas pepper is also a beautiful 7 pot variety to grow.  It is a bit more elongated and forms a bright vibrant red as it ripens from green. Given a full season, it will grow to as much as three feet tall and can bush out almost as much.

7 Pot Chaguanas Seeds

Coat_of_arms_of_Trinidad_and_Tobago.svgThe original 7 Pot Chaguanas seeds came from from Trinidad, the largest land mass in the South American island nation Trinidad and Tobago.

Ultimately, all capsicum variety have their roots in the Americas.  Because this one is native to South America, it is likely it or peppers like it were exported by European explorers and traders back to Europe.  From there, colonization and trade likely brought these type of peppers to the Middle East and Asia where they are mistakenly thought to have originated.  Hence the name chinense in Capsicum chinense.

Each pack contains no less than twenty seeds (20+)


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