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Pepper X Seeds and Fresh Pods ???

According to Tasting Table, there is a new hottest pepper in the world: Pepper X.  Reportedly, this new green pepper tops the SHU range at over 3,000,000 SHU on the Scoville Scale.  Per The Food Beast, Pepper X was developed by Ed Currie, creator of the current Guinness World Record holder the Carolina Reaper.  Mr. Currie can be seen on the Youtube show the Hot Ones claiming Pepper X is twice the heat of the Carolina Reaper.  Mr. Curry also stated that the testing is complete, Guinness World Record® is reviewing the findings, and we can expect results this November.

Pepper X Seeds

Pepper X Seeds
Pepper X – Last Dab

But don’t hold your breath for Pepper X seeds, fresh Pepper X pods, or other Pepper X products other than a hot sauce by the name of The Last Dab™. In fact, very few images of the secret Pepper X can be found on the Internet.  Those few images that can be found show a collection of peppers which seem to resemble The Gator Jigsaw pepper which finishes a yellowish green.  Those same photos and video glimpses show it as an entirely different shape which seem to be brown.  Making things even more confusing,

The hot sauce appears to be created by the same creator as the pepper but marketed under the label The Hot Ones.  Of Pepper X seeds and peppers, Mr. Currie’s Facebook page says:

“There is no release date for the seed stock, nor will there be until this process is complete and the record is secured. No peppers will be sent to anyone for review and there are no tours of the farm where these are being grown.” – From Facebook

This is where the information about Pepper X becomes very odd.  First, the above statement seems to indicate that Pepper X seeds will only be released -if- Guinness awards the throne of hottest pepper in the world.  One must wonder if it falls short, does that mean it simply vanishes?

So when will we know if Guinness agrees with the stated findings of over 3 million SHU?  Despite Mr. Currie’s statements on The Hot Ones that the testing results have already been submitted to Guinness, the later statement on Facebook seems to indicate something quite different.

“We are testing this year’s crop and “The Last Dab™” in side-by-side testing so that the numbers will not be disputed by Guinness…”- From Facebook

The world may never know.



18 thoughts on “Pepper X Seeds and Fresh Pods ???

  1. Very weird this pepper X, haven’t seen this kind of hype since the bhutlah. SM wasn’t a dick though and sent it out to all the reviewers to get the next big thing out ther. I guess ed is big enough were he can just put the name out there and the chilli head community goes wild. Don’t get me wrong, if that thing is 3mill shu then I will never doubt ed curry again lol

    1. The Pepper X craze seems to be very well thought out and planned marketing. It could be the product is as described or not. I have no idea. But I do think the Chocolate Bhutlah craze was more organic / grass roots. I guess that too could have been marketing but it seemed to have started with an independent grower sending a sample to an independent reviewer. The grower seems like a very nice guy, so I dont get the feeling there was any smoke and mirror involved. Mr. Currie I do not know at all. So I have zero opinion other than there is obviously some seriously thought out marketing on this one. Could be marketing as described but maybe not.

      Thing is, if Pepper X seed stock is not offered then there is no pier review what so ever. When it comes to seeds for a new pepper, I think pier review / independent growers are essential. Without that, anyone could claim anything.

  2. Very true, we will see in November . Was the weather permitting, boxes going out tomorrow?

    1. All orders that came in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will go out on Monday as planned. We have been having some great weather for picking and packing. Maybe a bit too dry.

  3. I want to buy pepper x seeds and plants

    1. So do a great many people. But now that November has come and gone, it seems maybe this one is going the way of Death Strain… never to be heard of again. I guess time will tell.

  4. I would like to buy some pepper x seeds also. How do we buy them?

    1. If I were you, I would read the article.

  5. Stupid hot and I need those seeds, like a heroin addict needs dope!!! Lol PLEASE? I’d surely appreciate it Mr. Currey, God bless your firey soul, lol ! ¡!

    1. I dont know a thing about marketing, but my guess is it will be a long time before Puckerbutt offers the seeds. But I think you might have some luck approaching it another way. Photos I have seen of Pepper X look very much like something the developer of the original 7 Pot Primo came up with. I think the heat range is about the same too. You might want to contact the folk at Primo Peppers and inquire.

  6. Please let me know when seeds are available and keep me informed on the updates.

  7. I would like som pepper-x heirloom seeds please

    1. Please read the article.

  8. My God. Nobody has the sense to read the damn article. IN CASE YOU ARE ABOUT TO SAY, “I WANT PEPPER X SEEDS NOW! HOW CAN I BUY THEM?’ YOU CANT!!!!!!!! NOT YET, AND MORE THAN LIKELY NOT FOR A DAMN GOOD WHILE IF EVER!!!!!!There. A.J., now maybe that will satisfy the lazy.

    1. You made me blow coffee out my nose.

      1. That was funny !!

  9. How do I over these seeds

    1. For now you can not order the seeds for the reasons discussed in the article.

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