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Peahen Visit

We have had a peahen friend for several year.  She just sort of shows up, visits with the ducks, and flies away.  Today, I went to the barn to retrieve plants.  Guess who was there?  I think she was horribly dehydrated because he was desperate to get into the chicken pen where there is water.  Later, I caught her and gave her free choice food and water.  She drank and drank and drank.

Peahen Friend

Believing they mate for life and because it is the neighborly thing to do, we listed the find in the local forums.  If he has a rightful family, we would rather she return to that family.  If nobody local claims her, we will be working on repairing an old aviary that has been falling apart.  OK, it didn’t so much fall apart as a pig decided to get into it.

I am taking this beautiful find as a sign that this is going to be one of the best crops yet.  Taking healthy animals from the wild is a horrible thing to do unless they need your help.  Taking feral animals from the wild, not so horrible.  Peafowl are one of those things that just do not belong in our climate.  So if not claimed, she will have a nice heated home with plenty of love from the kids and I.

Thought you would like to know that this is one of the reasons I am so very thankful to our patrons.  You let us provide such a wonderful life for our kids.  My daughter is absolutely in love with this find.  Son, well he seems to think so what, its just a big bird.  If she stays and becomes part of our family, I imagine we will find her a boyfriend.  Oh when he sees the plumage on a male.  We will see about the just another big bird thought.

Thank you all for supporting Peppers by Mail, my family, and this wildly different life we lead.

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