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PBM Notification Services

Super Hot Pepper seeds and fresh pods

Would you like to know when Peppers by Mail updates its site?  Would you like to know when new fresh peppers become available?  Each summer, the most common question is when are specific peppers coming fresh.  Because summer inventory changes every day and fresh peppers go in and out of stock, often times folk miss their favorite pepper when it becomes sold out.  Now you can receive a custom notification right in your browser.  Currently, we have it configured for the most common browsers, but we will be adding some of the less used browsers shortly.

Note: This service will not work with the Microsoft Edge browser.We understand Microsoft will be adding the feature to future versions of their new browser.

It is Super Easy

Super Hot Pepper seeds and fresh podsIf your browser is one of the ones we have set up for, while you are at our web site you will see a Bell Icon at the bottom right of your browser.

To Subscribe – Just click the bell and follow the short instructions.

To Unsubscribe – Just click the bell and follow the instructions

Turn it on – Turn it off – The great thing about these notifications is you can turn them on and off as you please.  I will be posting lots of articles and pictures of the initial growing process in the next few months.  If you would like to know when new posts are available, click the bell to turn them on.  If all you want to see are notifications of fresh peppers then you can turn it off till fresh peppers come ready and then on again in the summer.

Please help us figure out this New Service
Please help us test this new service.  Give it a try and then send your opinions to Support(at)  As of December 10, 2017 this software is new to Peppers by Mail. Obviously it can be abused.  On the other hand, you can easily turn it off.  Our intent is not to spam.  Doing that is a horrible business strategy.  It just upsets people and drives patrons away.  Instead, our main reason for using it is to notify folk when fresh peppers come available.  It really is an email mad house during the first part of the summer.  So many people waiting on their favorite peppers and mother nature not really keeping to a schedule. So we do plan on using it extensively when our crops start to come ripe. We also plan on having it set to announce new posts. So if you subscribe, expect a few random updates.

More Traditional Notifications

If you are more comfortable with traditional email notifications, we offer that too.  You can subscribe to our newsletter.  Click here to subscribe to email notifications and our newsletter. You can also find the subscription button on the top menu.

Thank You

As always, thank your time.  Without patrons like you, I could not raise my kids, critters, and crops out here in Mother Nature’s arms.



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