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Ghost Pepper Bier

If you are a dedicated chilihead, chances are you’ve had a bier or two after eating a ghost pepper concoction.  If you are like me, you have never given much thought to that concoction being bier.  Well, the Palmetto Brewing Company has beaten us to it with their Ghost Rider Pale Ale.  At 5.6 percent alcohol by volume, their brew is made with cherries and ghost peppers, both locally sourced.

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Ed Currie: A fan post

When someone is successful at a thing, people like to feel they are elevating themselves by tearing down someone more successful. Maybe they feel it adjusts the curve so they are closer to the top.  Maybe they are just spiteful, I do not know.  What I do know is that there is a growing community of chiliheads and some of them have been a bit nasty when it comes to Ed Currie, the original cultivator of ‘Smokin Ed’s Carolina Reaper’ (a registered trade mark).  So I thought I would see if there was any merit to what I now think is slander.

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Jigsaw peppers out the ground.

If I have learned nothing else by growing chili peppers it is patience.  Some take as long as a month to germinate.  The Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw pepper has not taken nearly as long as I have come to expect from most of the super hots.  It went into our homemade organic potting soil, under lights, and two weeks later I have about 50 tiny little jigsaw pepper plants reaching for those lights in the middle of winter.

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Carolina Reaper Ice cream

Hottest Ice Cream in the World?

If I told you that you had to be eighteen years of age or older to consume something I made, you would probably think it contained alcohol. If I told you to eat something I whipped up, you had to sign a release of liability statement, you might think twice about eating it even if it is ice cream. Both of these conditions are required to enjoy the new Carolina Reaper ice cream according to Triangle Business News.

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Classical Music and the Carolina Reaper

If you are reading or participating at this website, there is a really good chance you know about the Carolina Reaper. There is also a good chance you have seen some of the rediculous videos of people eating them until they vomit on camera. There is probably a hundred of these over at youtube. But did you know there is one of a Classical Orchestra eating the Carolina Reaper while they play?

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