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Our Farm is Gone

We are squatters. On Friday, July 26th, Citizen’s Union Bank sold our farm. We are about to be homeless. It did not matter that the family paid $160,000.00 for it and I had only about $17,000.00 left to pay off. It did not matter that we were only $1,000.00 behind. It did not matter that doctors had removed about half of each of my foot. They foreclosed. After the fees, taxes and penalties they demanded about $60,000.00 for the $17,000.00 debt. My advice for anyone with a mortgage is do not get sick or hurt.

I am sorry to say, there is no possible way we will be able to fill the CSA orders for this year. Although we are trying to buy a camper trailer to live in, we do not as of yet know where we will park it. Right now, when the sheriff comes to evict us we are homeless. Despite the amputations, I tried to make sure we grew enough to fill the CSA orders, but now without land even those are lost.

From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. You guys have been nothing but great to our family for so many years. You have let us live out here where kids can be kids. Where the ducks greet us in the driveway. Where our free range pig thinks she is a dog. Where I could raise kids, critters, and crops in peace. It has been 13 of the best years of my life. Thank you.

Our plan now is to live in a camper while saving money to buy land again. You can follow the effort at

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