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Now Shipping to Canada – Special Sale & Free Gifts

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Peppers by Mail now offers seed sales to our Canadian brothers and sisters.  We have set a flat rate for all seed sales to Canada at $5.00 US to start.  We have no idea if this will cover costs at this time, but think it is a good place to start.  We will adjust the price up or down when we get an average of actual shipping costs.

Canadian FlagFree Seeds with Any Canadian Order – Making this even better, during our Thanksgiving Weekend sale 2017 we will be adding lots of extra randomly selected seeds to all orders destined to Canada.  It is sort of a you scratch our back and we will scratch your back sort of deal.  I have just now set up the online store to allow orders to Canada and charge the flat rate fee of $5.00 but I dont know if it will work correctly until we get some orders from Canada.  If you have any problems or questions, please write to Support (at) This Domain.

US FlagFree Seeds with Any US Order Too – Shipping to all US destinations remains free.  However, to facilitate flat rate shipping to Canada I had to change US shipping to a flat rate as well.  That flat rate is free, but like the flat rate to Canada I am not entirely sure I set things properly.  So if you place an order this holiday weekend while I am testing things out, I will toss in a bunch of free seeds for US customers as well.  Please just be willing to write to Support (at) this domain if something goes wrong and let us know what went wrong.  With your help, we can get this thing figured out.

More Shipping News – We continue to use Paypal to process credit cards.  This does not mean you need  a Paypal Account.  They will process just about any credit card along with electronic checks.  However, I have made a change that allows you to specify a separate billing and shipping address.  This will make holiday gift giving easier as you can now have an order sent to the final recipient automatically.  Ah, but like the other shipping changes this too is untested.  Please do let us know if you have any problems with it.

Thank You – In this global economy world, shipping one nation north might not seem like a giant step for most folk.  To my family here at the PBM farm it seams like a giant leap.  It seems as important as each time our patrons grace us with the reason to open up more land for pepper growing the following season.  It has been our patrons that made this step possible by spreading information about our farm to friends in Canada.  Those friends then asked us to facilitate it.  One even showed us the small dealer exemptions to the import / export laws whose confusing language once frightened us so much.

If for our patrons, we could not raise our kids, critters, and crops out here in Mother Nature’s arms.  Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart.

A.J. Drew



2 thoughts on “Now Shipping to Canada – Special Sale & Free Gifts

  1. When would your fresh Carolina Reaper peppers be available? If I purchased a gift card would the recipient be able to order the fresh peppers to be shipped to Canada when they are available?

    1. i am sorry, we do not ship fresh peppers to Canada.

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