Live Chat with A.J. Drew or Aimee of Peppers by Mail

If my wife or I are sitting at the computer, chances are we are available to chat with you live.  All you have to do is click the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of each page.  During the summer and fall months the chances of us being anywhere other than the field are slim.  During the winter months, when we are processing seed orders we will be available much more often.

Leave Us a Message

If we are not available for live chat, you can leave us a message.  Just click the same chat icon.  It will tell you if we are online.  If not, it will let you leave a message.  If your message is about an order, please provide the order number.  If you can, provide the email address you placed the order with.


Visit us at Facebook

If you prefer to reach us via Facebook, please visit us at:


Support@ThisDomain – After much effort, we seem to have come up with an anti spam system that works.  Please understand, we have been getting upwards of 1,000 spam emails a day.  Well either that or Russian women really do want me.  Hopefully the new anti-spam methods will continue to work and we can get back to providing better customer service.