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Our email newsletter often contains coupon codes and heads up on pending sales.  It is also a great way to keep up on what we are doing here on the farm.  We often publish articles are various efforts towards sustainability and growing tips

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A new service.from Peppers by Mail.  If your browser is comparable with our new notification service, you will see a Red Bell in the lower right corner of your screen. You can click o the bell to subscribe and click on the bell to unsubscribe. The bell will not show up if you are using Microsoft Edge browser, but Microsoft does plan on adding services like this in the future.

While subscribed, when ever we add a new post or article, you will receive a notification right in your browser.  While we would be flattered if you left the notification on year round, this is particularly useful during the first part of the summer when peppers come ripe.  Often they go in and out of stock as fast as Mother Nature makes them ripe.  This web based notification service will give you and edge on getting to the site before your favorite variety is sold out for the day.