Chat and Offline Messages

The absolute best way to contact us is to click on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.  If we are online, we will be right there for you.  If not, you can leave a message.  Your message will completely bypass email and spam filters.  One of us will see it the moment we sit down to the computer.  During the growing season, it might take a day or so to get back to you.  During the off season when we are indoors, it could be a matter of minutes.  Please keep in mind with four kids to tend, our schedule is often odd.

Visit our Forums

The number one best way to contact us is to visit our forums.  From the top menu, just click on Community.  The registration process is quick, easy, and we are working it into the online store so you dont have to keep retyping your shipping address.  With any luck, we will be adding more social features to the PBM website.

Visit us at Facebook

If you prefer to reach us via Facebook, please visit us at:

Email– After much effort, we seem to have come up with an anti spam system that works.  Please understand, we have been getting upwards of 1,000 spam emails a day.  Well either that or Russian women really do want me.  Hopefully the new anti-spam methods will continue to work and we can get back to providing better customer service.

Snail Mail

The following address should be considered a mailing address only.  We do not currently provide on farm sales or tours.

Peppers By Mail
1587 B Cat Ridge Road
Waddy, KY  40076