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Maman Brigitte

Veve for Maman Brigitte
Veve for Maman Brigitte

Meet Maman Brigitte.  Also known as Grann Brigitte, Manman, Manman Brigit, and Manman Brijit she is wife to Baron Samedi.  She loves booze, fowl language, and as you might have imagined for being discussed here: hot peppers.  She is a Loa, a spirit honored in both Haitian and New Orleans Voodoo.  She is also recognized by many folk Catholics in similiar form and by many mainstream Catholics as Saint Brigit.  In more alchemical Catholicism she is associated with Marry Magdalene.  In some modern pagan traditions, she is associated with the Celtic goddess by similiar names.

Her favorite drink is rum, but not just any rum.  It is rum soaked in hot peppers.  So hot, that the beverage is often used to prove possession.  After all, if a drink is so over the top hot with capsicum a mere human could not possibly consume it.  In Haiti, where raw rum is available, a traditional sized bottle is set to soak with 21 goat peppers.

Although the goat pepper is a common name for a handful of varieties, in Haiti is is most often a reference to a Capsicum chinense by the name of piment bouc.  At about 30,000 SHU I can see how 21 of them would certainly spice up some raw rum.

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