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Living without shoes…

Things seemed to be looking up. Thanks to some incredible people we managed to find and plant a camper trailer. Then things started to slide backwards. While trying to move our belongings, I ripped open my right foot & learned heart attacks do not always come with traditional symptoms

Doctor: How long have you been having chest pains?
Me: I am not having chest pains.
Doctor: OK, when did the chest pain stop?
Me: I didn’t have chest pain.
Doctor: Then how did you know you were having a heart attack?
Me: I am having a heart attack?

I’d gone to the ER because my foot had opened up. They did an EKG to see if I was healthy enough for surgery. That is when they spotted the heart attack. I required a triple bypass via open heart surgery. At first, I refused unless I could say good bye to my dogs. Then they refused due to an active infection in my foot. The middle ground was two stents, more foot loss, and wait and see. When all was said and done, they gave me a 50% chance of surviving the next three years.

That wasnt the only bad news I would get that day. Evidently if you leave your home for three days or more, it can be considered abandoned. On my release from the hospital, my wife let me know the new property owners had the home declared abandoned. The property was so marked and we were forbidden from returning. A couple days later, the brought in a dumpster and euthanized our pet pig. Her body was seen by the dumpster.

Everything we owned was tossed into the dumpster. This included the O2 machine and Cpap I use when i sleep, my wound vacuum, and about a month of medication. The hospital threw out the blood soaked shoes as an infection hazard and I arrived at the hospital in pajama bottoms and a t shirt. That was the sum total of the clothing I owned. I left the hospital barefoot except for the bandages.

So in addition to the struggle to replace thousands of dollars in medical equipment, we are now struggling just to replace things as mundane as clothing and to explain to our children how some people can be so very cruel.

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