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Jim Duffy, Isolation, and the Kitchen table

In another post, I recommended the book Seed to Seed and explained that we use some of the techniques in that book to isolate plants for seed production.  I explained why I feel this is necessary.  A reader replied via email and recommended that I watch the attached video which details some of Jim Duffy’s operation.

It is a very informative video which shows one of the many methods of isolating in place.  Rather than using mini green houses with impermeable glazing, plastic, or glass; Mr. Duffy has gone the route of netting his plants to keep out potential cross pollinators like bees.  People who grow on a much smaller scale can do the same to individual plants or even individual branches of their favorite plants.  There is absolutely no reason for backyard or even balcony growers to think they can not practice seed saving for lack of a green house.

For those who do not recognize the name, Jim Duffy: he is a very well established producer and distributor of chili seed.  As I understand the video, he continues to produce about 25% of his seed stock on his own property despite healthy growth to his business.  The other 75% of his stock is farmed on friends property but by his hands.  What better way to grow a business than to rely on friends when it gets too big for you to handle?

One tiny little complaint about the video.  Towards the end, Mr. Duffy comments on the size of his business and how he does not count seeds out at the kitchen table.  Ye uh Jim, I wish I could find my kitchen table under all the clutter.  I use a board in my lap which I put up when I am done.  Why?  Because any empty surface in my home is instantly covered with kid stuff.

Many thanks to Jim Duffy for sharing his technique.

Side Note: When I started watching this video, I had a baby goat bottle feeding in my lap.  She fell asleep during the thing.  I do not share her opinion.  Many thanks to Jim Duffy for providing such a wonderful look at your isolation techniques.  Many apologies for Skito T Goats horrible lack of attention.

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