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It always says None Ripe Today – Why?

I am listing about a dozen (12) boxes a day currently, but not all at once.  Thing is, things seem empty because everything I list sells almost as fast as I am listing it.  Still, ripening is very slow for this time of the year and even pod production is off.  I think the pod production is due to a very wet spring which retards pollination.  On the bright side, all that water helped to produce larger plants.  We are hoping lots more pods will show themselves and ripen towards the later months of this season.  So my best advice is to watch the fresh pepper page during the day.  Here is why.

During all previous seasons, I generally picked, packed, and shipped the day after a order was received.  Then I would estimate what I could pick the next day.  This year is a bit different.  I had multiple surgeries on my feet during the off season, then one during the first part of plant out.  I am now down three toes, which wasn’t much of a bother.  But this past winter I had sections of bone removed from the inside of the feet.  The result was rehab to learn how to walk again.  Even today, I fall on my face at least once a day.

I like to say I sell peppers, not promises, because knowing my own limitations I do not accept preorders / back orders.  So the way I am doing things this year is I get my daughter on the bus and go to work picking peppers and filling boxes, then I post what I was able to pick as I pick them.  This way, I know if my feet do not carry me well that day I did not sell boxes I could not pick.  Thus far, a dozen boxes is all I can get out in a day.

But I am on the mend and peppers are coming ripe faster and faster.  We still have at least two months left in what is shaping up to be the hardest season yet.  Not giving up.  Not giving in.  But I am moving much slower this year than previous years.

Please keep the faith.  Even now I am considering ways to improve on next years production and performance.  So please continue with the prayers and well wishes.  I really think they help and I very much appreciate every one.

4 thoughts on “It always says None Ripe Today – Why?

  1. No worries A.J., I think most of us understand your predicament. And to be quite honest it isn’t hard to land some of your peppers. I work ten hour days, commute for two hours. I just refresh your page on my breaks, in the morning, in the evening, and before bed. Don’t let the sour pusses get to you.

    1. I also think there is some sort of service that sends messages when a page changes. It really weird because sometimes I come in with boxes to list, start listing, and before I get done the first ones are sold. I am flattered, but really have to grow more and have them earlier. Thinking of ways to do that. Of course cause I am odd, the new ways might involve fish and ducks.

  2. I think you are heading the right direction. Get a heated greenhouse that is large enough that you can get a good jump start on your spring planted pepper plants. You might even put up a cheeper shelter over some of your existing plants to protect them from unseasonably wet springs or to extend your harvest season when frosty weather comes in. Any move like that increases your overhead but might pay off big. It all depends on your individual situation.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we have a high tunnel. I built it a couple years ago and it really helps extend the season and mitigate the excess rain. Thing is, at `12 by 40 it doesn’t meet demand. Plan is to go grow room to green house to high tunnel to ground. I think that will give the largest possible plants when they go in the ground. Also, will let me clean out the grow room early and get a second wave going. Figuring first wave will be long season ploants, second wave short season like habs.

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