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International Shipping – Low Flat Rate

I am excited to announce that Peppers by Mail now ships internationally.  This became possible with the many trade partners we have made across the globe.  For years, we have been trading seeds with folk from various international destinations.  This gave us a general idea of the costs and the ability to decide a fair flat rate.

Unfortunately, these rates apply to seeds only.  I doubt we will ever be able to send fresh peppers to other nations.  The cost of priority shipping is so much, patrons would wind up paying many times more in shipping than the cost of the peppers.  However, we are working on network of growers in other nations to whom we will one day be able to direct your interests.

Click Here for our current shipping rates. As we discover which countries are particularly expensive, we will adjust the rate for those specific nation but always offer a fairly low flat rate to nations not shown to be ridiculously priced.

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  1. My hope is that these seeds gain momentum in third world countries and what was once rare becomes common. Tropical countries will hopefully spread these varieties.

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