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Indigenous People Day Sale

Christopher Columbus had nothing to do with the founding of our great nation.  The indigenous people of the Americas had everything to do with cultivating the predecessors to the peppers we grow and love.  So rather than have a Columbus Day sale we are having an Indigenous People day sale.  that and my wife and I are a couple of old hippies that love fighting the establishment in our own little ways.

Here is the fun part: The sale will change several times a day.  I am spending the holiday weekend processing seeds.  Every few hours or so, I plan on changing what is and is not on sale.  I will probably do so each time I finish cutting up a batch and go out to fetch the next batch.  So during the daylight hours, expect change.  If you see something you want, buy it then because it might not be on sale the next time you visit.  If you do not see something you want, check back later.

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